Our Family 2011

Our Family 2011
Family shot just before Daddy left for Afghanistan

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Before school starts again.....

We were lucky enough to get Scott home from Ft. Irwin for a week to spent some time with us. So we went to Salt Lake and attended some friends' wedding, went to Lagoon, and just spend some time with the Crookston side of the family.
It was a whirlwind trip, but had a great time having our Daddy all to ourselves! It has been a tough year with us living in 2 different states, but now that Scott is in California, we are much closer, and visits will be more frequent!

Both of the boys went to Scout camp this Summer as well. It was strange to think that Jake is old enough to go on overnight camp outs. But he had a blast, and earned many new Merit badges while he was there.

Jake received his Orange belt in Karate! Good job buddy, we are very proud of you! We also got to go with Kaylee and Gus to their 2nd ultrasound appt. We got to see our grand baby wiggling, and kicking all over the place! We are sooo thrilled about having our first grand baby to join our family.
His name is going to be Beckham Nefi Garcia~ The way that little man was kicking around, I am sure he is going to follow in his Dad's foot steps and play Soccer!!!

The boys both started school last week too! Trevor is a Freshman at Desert Hills Middle School, and is playing on the Freshman Football team! can't wait to game's to start

Jake is in 6th grade, and going to Sunrise Ridge Intermediate. So we no longer have any ties to Elementary School. Very strange. Jake is learning to play the violin too! So, things in our family are changing rapidly. We are so blessed to have 3 wonderful kids (and the best son in law ever). They fill our lives with so much happiness, and endless laughter!

Families Are Forever!

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  1. Awww Shelle!! I'm so glad things are going well!!! Miss you guys!