Our Family 2011

Our Family 2011
Family shot just before Daddy left for Afghanistan

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fun in Salt Lake

Jake and I went to Salt Lake a couple of weeks ago while Trevor was at Scout Camp. We stayed with my Super Amazing Sister in Law Jamie and her cool family~ Our niece Courtney was in town from Tennessee for a month, so it was fun to get to hang out with her as well.
We went with all of the Crookston's we could round up, and went to Temple Square for a family outing, and enjoy the beauty there. We had sooo much fun, my only down side to ANY of it, was that Scott, Trevor, Kaylee, and Gus weren't with us. Maybe next time eh?


  1. I love your blog Shelle! I miss you hun!

  2. Shelle!!! I'm going to follow your blog!
    Chanse and I also have a blog- www.chanseandjanell.blogspot.com